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Layer: HRL Water and Wetness 2015 - 20m (ID: 1)

Name: HRL Water and Wetness 2015 - 20m

Display Field: class_name

Type: Raster Layer

Geometry Type: null

Description: The combined Water and Wetness product is a thematic product showing the occurrence of water and wet surfaces over the period from 2009 to 2015. This layer is based on multi-temporal and multi-seasonal optical high-resolution Landsat data, image coverages (HR IMAGE2009, HR IMAGE2012 and HR IMAGE2015 from the ESA DataWare House, DWH), the Copernicus space and contributing Missions (SPOT, IRS), whereas HR IMAGE2015 serves as geometric reference for all satellite data. In addition, this layer is also based on radar information (Sentinel-1 data) with a geometric resolution of 10m on a pan-European basis. Hence, a multitude of optical and SAR imagery is ingested over a prolonged time series of 7 years. The main Water and Wetness (WAW) product with defined classes of (1) permanent water, (2) temporary water, (3) permanent wetness and (4) temporary wetness. The products show the occurrence of water and indicate the degree of wetness in a physical sense, assessed independently of the actual vegetation cover and are thus not limited to a specific land cover class and their relative frequencies.

Copyright Text: European Environment Agency (EEA)

Default Visibility: true

MaxRecordCount: 0

Supported Query Formats: JSON, geoJSON, PBF

Min Scale: 749999

Max Scale: 0

Supports Advanced Queries: false

Supports Statistics: false

Has Labels: false

Can Modify Layer: false

Can Scale Symbols: false

Use Standardized Queries: true

Supports Datum Transformation: true

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HasZ: false

HasM: false

Has Attachments: false

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Type ID Field: null

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